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Traditional Moroccan clothing is one of the greatest cultural treasures of our country. If, in some regions of the world, clothing customs passed on to younger generations begin to fade, none of that is happening in Morocco. In fact, traditional Moroccan clothing continues to evolve, to modernize and to shine brightly.


Regardless of their social status, Moroccan women still want to wear Caftans, Djellabas, Gandouras, Jabadors to weddings, baptisms, circumcisions or to answer a simple invitation to a f'tour during the holy month of Ramadan. Today, the passion for the Moroccan touch is felt by Moroccans at home and abroad, as well as by many international women, who have succumbed to the charm of Caftan and helped introduce it to the rest of the world.


However, in order to be able to purchase a caftan, a client usually has to go to a seamstress in person to see the collection or to request a custom design. This greatly restricts clients residing in Morocco who don’t have time to see everything that is available on the market. In addition, women living abroad do not have access to the creations of Moroccan designers. solves this problem by making our outfits available and accessible to all. Starting now, Caftan City is a virtual showcase and an online store that all Moroccan designers can use to display their collections to interested buyers. It is the world’s biggest traditional wear store.


Ladies, to your keyboards ... Our online store is finally open and the world of traditional wear is at your fingertips...



The world of Moroccan traditional dress design requires passion, dedication and perseverance. Talented designers pour a lot of effort into creating artisanal garb that satisfies their customers. Are you reaching all your admirers? Can you share your craft and achievements with all of them?


Moroccan Designers are well aware that, despite all the time, resources and effort they devote to their craft, they cannot meet the demand for traditional Moroccan dress. This is mainly due to the fact that a single distribution channel – their store – is not enough, and is often unreachable by many potential customers.


The only customers who have access to your showroom are those who live in the same city as you. Moroccans living in other cities or countries or potential customers living in the other Arab countries or all over the world cannot purchase your collection.


Thanks to Caftan City, your creations will now be available to everyone nationally and internationally. By simply leaving the logistics to us, you will be able to meet this large, underserved market. Visit Becoming a Partner or contact us to find out how your designs can be featured to women worldwide. 


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